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Back in Motion's History

Since opening our doors in 1993, Back in Motion Rehab Inc. (Back in Motion) has grown from a small back pain clinic into a comprehensive rehabilitation and employment services company. Over the years, Back in Motion has evolved our service delivery to include treatment and assessment for workers with a wide range of injuries and disabilities, and employment services for all BC job seekers.

We are often asked how the services we offer relate to one another. In everything we do, Back in Motion finds ways in which we can help people work and more fully live their lives. For most of our clients, whether they are an injured worker, a person with mental health concerns, or a job-seeker looking for employment in BC, a fulfilling life includes being able to work, and at Back in Motion, we help people achieve this goal.


Twenty years of helping people work and helping people live began with a small team of five visionaries, who wanted to make a difference in the lives of others. Bringing together their varied strengths and experiences (i.e. in clinical psychology, physiotherapy, and business), they founded the first private organization in BC specializing in the rehabilitation of individuals with chronic back pain – hence our name – and helping them get back to work. [Click the link to learn more about our Executive Team.]

It all began in Richmond, BC, when Back in Motion was able to help a man start anew, after being told he would never be able to return to his career in logging. After this first success, Back in Motion came to life, helping people with back pain recover and get back to their lives.


Building our expertise, Back in Motion grew beyond exclusively treating back pain to include a wide variety of work-related injuries, providing full-service rehabilitation, disability management and employment services to injured workers. 


Always looking for ways to help people recover from injury and re-enter the workforce, Back in Motion broadened our services to include new programs, such as the Occupational Rehabilitation Program (OR). Programs like the OR were designed to provide extensive, customized treatment plans, to help individuals return to work. [Click the link to learn more about our Services.]


Motivated to connect people with their communities, Back in Motion expanded our ability to deliver services, by opening our Surrey site in May 1999. [Click the link to find a Back in Motion location and Contact Us.]


From the very beginning, Back in Motion has been delivering employment services to our clients, helping them to return to work. In 2003, we began to provide employment services for persons with disabilities to the Provincial Government. [Click the link to learn more about Employment Services.]


With the introduction of the Head Injuries Assessments and Treatment Services program to the Richmond clinic, Back in Motion expanded our service delivery to support persons with brain injuries as a result of workplace injuries. [Click the link to learn more about Head Injuries Assessment and Treatment Services.]


Working with several great organizations in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors, Back in Motion began to provide employment programs for new immigrants to British Columbia. Specializing in helping immigrants find jobs that match their experience and background, these programs broadened the scope of the employment services offered by Back in Motion, enabling us to help more people find work.   [Click the link to learn more about Skills Connect for Immigrants.]


Committed to creating an open and positive culture within the company, Back in Motion was ranked in the Top 40 for Best Workplace in Canada by the Great Place to Work Institute three years running.

In 2007, we were thrilled to achieve the number one spot!


In partnership with physical therapist David Bernard, Back in Motion started their first physiotherapy clinic in Coquitlam – Back in Motion Rehab (Coquitlam) Inc., also known as Back in Motion Physiotherapy. Delivering services to clients referred to Back in Motion, as well as providing services to the general public, Back in Motion Physiotherapy works to enable our clients to feel better and improve their abilities, so that they can live more fulfilling lives.


Upholding an environment of excellence, Back in Motion won the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award in the category of Small For-Profit Companies two years in a row! [Clink the link to learn more about our Awards.]


Throughout our history, Back in Motion has always valued the expertise that comes from collaboration with other organizations. On April 2nd, we, along with a network of excellent service providers, launched Avia Employment Services (a division of Back in Motion), making it easier for all job seekers to find work. Avia delivers employment services in five communities across Metro Vancouver. [Click the link to learn more about Avia Employment Services and Avia Service Providers.]


Back in Motion as been recognized by Canadian Business as one of Aon’s Best Small and Medium Employers for 2016. Read Press Release

Back in Motion announced the acquisition of Training Innovations a British Columbia based company that specializes in employment services. Training Innovations (Tii) is a top provider in the province, and offers WorkBC Programs in Port Moody, Squamish, and Whistler.  Tii partners with government, businesses, and other organizations to deliver a full spectrum of career management services.  Through this exciting partnership, we will continue to deliver high quality services to our clients and customers, and position ourselves to be even stronger when pursuing future opportunities. Read Press Release.


Back in Motion announced the acquisition of Legacies Health Centre (legacieshealthcentre.ca), a Surrey-based company that offers a range of healthcare services, including massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, naturopathic and physical therapy interventions. Read Press Release.

Back in Motion has also been awarded the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award (2017).


Back in Motion delivers flexible, accessible services that recognize the uniqueness of each person. Today, we provide services to over 12,000 people annually in fourteen locations across Metro Vancouver and online. Known for our creative solutions and exceptional results, we are dedicated to ensuring that the needs of our clients are met and their expectations exceeded. At Back in Motion we help people work and live, happy and healthy lives.