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Core Values

Back in Motion's Purpose Statement

Our purpose is to help people to improve their health, enhance their opportunities and to live better lives.


Back in Motion’s Core Values

Core Values are Back in Motion’s principles, ideals, and deeply held beliefs related to treating and working with our clients and customers. Each value is considered equally vital to the effective functioning of our organization, and defines the environment in which we work.

The following core values serve as a guideline for our actions and are central to all that we do at Back in Motion:

Achieving excellence, doing whatever it takes

We strive to be the best at everything we do. We go that extra mile to make a difference.

Ask questions - seek solutions

We are inquisitive and solution-focused. We foster an environment of trust so that people are free to ask questions and learn from mistakes.

The passion and power of the team

Our strength lies in working together. Everybody in our organization plays a unique and critical role in our ongoing success.

Respect for all, always

We value everyone equally and respect diversity and difference of opinion.

Measuring up - evidence-based methods and practice

We provide services based upon a foundation of solid research. We keep current with the latest literature, evaluate what we do, and share what we learn.

Honoring our word and doing the right thing

We follow through with our promises and make decisions guided by a strong sense of corporate ethics.