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Debbie Samsom

Debbie Samsom

Dr. Samsom completed her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the University of British Columbia, and has been a Registered Psychologist since 1991.  As one of the original founders of Back in Motion, Debbie has been with the organization since it opened its doors in 1993.  Initially, Dr. Samsom started as a team psychologist, helping people with physical and mental health disabilities recover and return to work.  As Back in Motion grew, Debbie took on many new and exciting leadership roles on her way to becoming President in 1998. 

Debbie has always been focused on supporting people to achieve their employment potential.  No matter what her role in the company, her greatest sense of accomplishment comes from knowing that Back in Motion helps people overcome personal challenges and land jobs.  This is life-transforming for them, and Debbie considers it a privilege to contribute to this experience.

Dr. Samsom exemplifies health and wellness in the workplace and is a wonderful role model for the concepts of “giving back to the community” and “work-life balance.”  She generously shares her knowledge and expertise for the benefit of others by serving on several Boards and Councils, as well as contributing to fundraising efforts for various local charities.  When Debbie isn’t at work, she is often seen running on the local streets as she trains for marathons, or spending time with her family in the Richmond community. 

Our Directors

  • Philippe De Clerck - VP of Operations
  • Ken Hemphill - VP of Human Resources
  • Dave Mitchell - Director of IS and IT
  • Brent Mulhall - VP of Business Development and Strategy