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Brent Mulhall

Brent Mulhall - VP of Business Development and Strategy
Brent Mulhall
VP of Business Development and Strategy

Brent Mulhall is one of Back in Motion’s founding owners, and has been with the company since its inception. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Simon Fraser University and a Master of Arts from Gonzaga University, Washington, and has worked in employment services, rehabilitation and disability prevention and management.

Working collaboratively with the Executive Team, Brent is primarily responsible for guiding the strategic growth of Back in Motion and developing new business opportunities that are aligned with Back in Motion’s vision, values and credo.  He works out of the Vancouver Office with the Business Development and Marketing group, where he is involved in strategic planning, building relationships with key external stakeholders, and liaising with staff and business partners to foster and promote high levels of customer and client satisfaction.

Collaborating with partners to create value and great outcomes for our clients and customers is a focus and passion. He has remarked, “Our achievement to date is one of those overnight success stories that take 20 years to happen! Time flies when you are having fun, and being part of a great vision and team make it all worthwhile.”

When not at work, Brent enjoys sailing and spending time at his cabin on the Sunshine Coast with his wife and two boys.

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  • Philippe De Clerck - VP of Operations
  • Ken Hemphill - VP of Human Resources
  • Dave Mitchell - Director of IS and IT