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Philippe De Clerck

Philippe De Clerck - VP of Operations
Philippe De Clerck
VP of Operations

Philippe De Clerck oversees the delivery of all the organization’s services, including its rehabilitation, employment and assessment services. He holds an advanced degree in Physical Therapy from Ghent University, and an Executive MBA degree from Athabasca University, Alberta. Originally from Belgium, Philippe came to Canada in 1988 and has lived in Vancouver since 1992.
Early on in his career, Philippe realized that he enjoyed the administrative and managerial aspects as much as the direct service delivery of health care. Hence, over time he gravitated towards positions that allowed him to combine both. After joining Back in Motion Rehab in 1998, and becoming a co-owner in 1999, Philippe moved into a leadership position in the operations side of Back in Motion’s rehabilitation services, and from there, became the company’s Vice President of Operations
Philippe enjoys spending time with his wife and young daughter, as well as reading and traveling. While he no longer competes in triathlons—he finished the Hawaii Ironman on two occasions—he continues to stay fit through a variety of sports and physical activities.

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