About Back in Motion

Since 1993, Back in Motion has been dedicated to helping people improve their health, reach full work potential, and live fulfilling and rewarding lives.

Who We Are: Our Story

Born out of the motivation to make a real difference in the lives of others, Back in Motion was the first private organization in BC to specialize in the rehabilitation of individuals with chronic back pain, to help them get back to work. Back in Motion’s five founders used their combined expertise in clinical psychology, physiotherapy, medicine, vocational rehabilitation and business to help a Richmond man start anew, after he was told he would never return to his career in logging. This founding success defined Back in Motion’s purpose of helping people live better, healthier lives..

Today, Back in Motion has evolved to deliver flexible and accessible health and employment solutions that recognize and celebrate the uniqueness of each individual. Our team of dedicated professionals serve over 23,000 people annually at 10 convenient locations across Metro Vancouver.


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1993 Back in Motion opens its doors in Richmond, specialized in chronic back pain

1993-1998 Including a wide variety of work-related injuries, Back in Motion grew its practice to include full-service rehabilitation, disability management, and employment services for Injured Workers

1999 Opened the South Surrey rehabilitation clinic

2003 Began to provide employment services for Persons with Disabilities to the Provincial Government

2005 With the introduction of Head Injury Assessment and Treatment Services to the Richmond clinic, Back in Motion expanded service delivery to support individuals with work-related brain injuries

2006 Started delivering employment services for immigrants (ArriveBC and Skills Connect for Immigrants)

2006-2008 Back in Motion was ranked in the Top 40 for Best Workplace in Canada by the Great Place to Work Institute

2007 Rank #1 in the Top 40 for Best Workplace in Canada by the Great Place to Work Institute

2008 Back in Motion opens its first Physiotherapy clinic in Coquitlam

2009-2010 Back in Motion won the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards

2010 Opened Back in Motion Health Surrey-Newton location

2012-2018 Back in Motion became the second largest employment service provider in BC (Avia Employment Services in Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Surrey-Newton, Richmond, and Langley)

2012 Opened Back in Motion Health Richmond location

2013 Opened Back in Motion Health Vancouver location

2016 Opened Back in Motion Health Abbotsford and Victoria locations

2017 Started delivering Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants Stream 2 and 3 for regulated and unregulated professionals

2017 Back in Motion acquired Legacies Health Centre with a desire to bring excellence in allied health service delivery within reach of more British Columbians

2018 Back in Motion received Psychologically Healthy Workplace Honors

2019 Back in Motion received an Employee Recommended Workplace Award

2019 Started delivering Skills for Life and Work, a program designed to help people with multiple barriers to employment

2020 Back in Motion started delivering Physiotherapy, Kinesiology, and Psychological services through Telehealth, offering clients an option to continue their treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic

2021 Launched Counselling Services and Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

2021 Launched CyberSecure for Skilled Immigrants and WarehouseAbilities for Persons with Disabilities

2022 Successfully rebid on Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants Stream 2 and 3 for regulated and unregulated professionals and started delivering Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants Stream 1 (Health B)

2022 Legacies Health Centre began offering Manual Lymphatic Drainage services at the Legacies Southpoint location


Helping people live better, healthier lives.

Our team of professionals will work with you to meet your health care goals.


To inspire meaningful change through accessible health and worklife solutions.

Our skilled staff explore unique challenges and provide creative solutions that lead to a better, healthier life.

Our Core Values

Back in Motion’s Core Values serve as guiding principles for all of our decisions and actions. Our Core Values are central to what we do, and define our working environment and interactions with others.

Achieve Excellence – Do What it Takes

We aim to do our best and go the extra mile to achieve excellence.

Ask Questions – Seek Solutions

We value input, and recognize we do not have all of the answers. We respect differences of opinion and work together to find answers.

Teamwork – Achieve More Together

Everybody plays a unique and critical role in our success. Our strength lies in working as a cohesive team to achieve collective goals.

Respect All – Always

Everyone deserves respect at all times, along with accurate, timely, and continuous communication.

Measure Up – Evidence-Informed Practices & Innovation

We provide services founded upon a solid research base, keep abreast of the literature, and share what we learn. We are continually trying new things and improving what we do.

Honour Our Word – Do the Right Thing

We follow through with our promises, and make things right if we fall short.

Commitment To Our Core Values

Back in Motion’s commitment to our Core Values is evident through our community engagement, service excellence, accessibility and inclusion measures, and environment sustainability initiatives.

Community Engagement

Back in Motion believes that voluntary participation in activities outside the workplace is the right thing to do, by strengthening community initiatives that benefit under-represented individuals. In order for people to move forward into a productive and meaningful life, and enjoy the dignity and respect they deserve, they need to have their basic needs met, such as food, shelter, and clothing. To this end, our staff participate on Boards and Councils, volunteer for fund-raising activities, and participate in food and clothing drives. Traditionally, Back in Motion makes annual financial contributions to local organizations such as the Union Gospel Mission, Salvation Army, and local hospitals and food banks. 

Back in Motion creates a community of learning through delivery of presentations, teaching, and mentorship. Key staff share evidence-informed practices by hosting practicum students, interns, and individuals participating in work experience. For example, we provide practicums for the UBC School of Rehabilitation, University of the Fraser Valley, SFU Co-op Program, and Kwantlen College.

Back in Motion has a long history of building relationships with community organizations, employers, regulatory bodies, and industry associations. These strong and respectful relationships enhance our ability to provide services and employment opportunities for individuals in the communities we serve. Back in Motion is a member of many organizations, including the Surrey and Greater Vancouver Boards of Trade, local Chambers of Commerce, BC Career Development Association, and Focus Disability Network. We recognize that through teamwork, we can achieve more together, for the benefit of the community.

Service Excellence

Key areas of service excellence are reflected in Back in Motion’s Core Values, such as evidence-informed practices and innovation, continually asking questions to seek the best solutions, and doing whatever it takes to achieve excellence. Back in Motion believes that external, independent evaluation of our services is essential to achieve continuous service improvement. 

Since 1998, we have held service accreditation through the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). CARF International is an independent, non-profit organization that surveys and accredits health and human services providers worldwide. Surveys include reviews of operations and service delivery practices, tours of clinic facilities, confidential interviews with stakeholders, and documentation reviews. 

Back in Motion’s WorkSafeBC-sponsored occupational rehabilitation programs have always achieved the maximum 3-year designation. Our current accreditation expires on April 30, 2025. Back in Motion’s team of Quality Improvement Leaders makes sure that we continually measure our services, respond to customer feedback, and make ongoing improvements.

A recent CARF Survey commented on the high quality of Back in Motion’s staff: 

“Staff members are to be recognized for their passion and commitment in working towards improving the quality of life for the clients they serve. It is evident through all aspects of the work they perform and the excellent relationships developed with their clients.”

Back in Motion Rehab Inc. has been accredited by CARF since 1998 and is currently accredited in the following Medical Rehabilitation Programs: Interdisciplinary Outpatient Medical Rehabilitation Programs: Brain Injury Specialty Program (Adults) and Occupational Rehabilitation Programs – Comprehensive Services (Adults). By undergoing CARF’s consultative accreditation process, Back in Motion ensures the best quality, value, and outcomes of the services we deliver, which in turn, enhances the lives of the people we serve.Our accreditation is a public commitment that we strive to:

  • Involve persons served and their families in their service planning  
  • Respect individual cultural preferences  
  • Be accountable to our funding sources, referral agencies, and the community at large 
  • Address health and safety concerns, such as building safety and emergency preparedness 
  • Maintain management practices that are efficient, cost-effective, and based on outcomes and consumer satisfaction 

For more information about CARF International, the standards, or the survey process, visit www.carf.org.

Accessibility and Inclusion

Back in Motion is committed to an environment of diversity and inclusion across the key elements of culture, ethnicity, age, socioeconomic status, communication, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital or parental status, communication and language, ability, and religion/spiritual beliefs. Through accessibility and diversity/inclusion planning, we uphold our Core Value of “Respect All – Always” as related to staff, clients, and customers. 

Recent CARF Surveys support Back in Motion’s efforts towards accessible, inclusive, and barrier-free services:

“The organization is complimented for its sensitivity to the cultural diversity needs of the clients it serves. Written materials and training activities reflect the priority the organization gives to cultures and backgrounds of the very diverse immigrant population it serves.”

“Back in Motion demonstrates a robust response to implementing strategies targeting client feedback received on accessibility issues.”

“The organization recognizes the needs of staff and clients in all areas of accessibility and inclusion, and efforts to continuously cater to individual needs are commended.”

Environmental Sustainability

Back in Motion is committed to the protection of our beautiful surroundings and environment. The mandate of our Director of Corporate Resources is to minimize our carbon footprint, through careful selection of products and green facility management initiatives. Back in Motion offers remote meeting technologies and secure document sharing systems, to minimize travel. During staff training for green initiatives, we encourage carpooling, public transit, and cycling to work. On an annual basis, Back in Motion purchases carbon offsets using the current Gold Standard Offset price. 

To contribute to carbon neutrality, we access environmentally sustainable products, equip facilities with energy-saving equipment, and ensure compliance with green processes. Our paper goods are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified, with 50% post-consumer recycled content. Our Multi-Function Copiers use Ecosys technology, are Energy Star Compliant, and toner cartridges are certified environmentally friendly. Back in Motion regularly monitors energy use via the BC Hydro website and makes improvements where needed.

“The organization is commended for its emphasis on environmental sustainability, particularly in the area of disposal of material. It has educated the staff on the need to be environmentally conscious and the need to reduce, reuse, and recycle. The organization has considered energy conservation measures in its buildings and the purchase of carbon credits to offset its carbon footprint (CARF Survey Report – 2022).”

What We Do

Back in Motion helps people live better, healthier lives. With over 29 years of experience, we deliver flexible and accessible health and employment services that recognize and celebrate the uniqueness of each individual. Our services are designed to remove barriers that get in the way of daily functioning, and maximize an individual’s health and employment potential. Known for our creative solutions and exceptional results, we ensure that the needs of our clients are met and expectations are exceeded. Back in Motion believes that a fulfilled life includes a return to normal daily activities, including work and recreational pursuits. 

Our team of experienced professionals provides evidence-informed treatment and collaborative, flexible solutions, with a return to health focus. Service offerings include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, kinesiology, massage therapy, physician/medical services, chiropractic care, and psychological assessments and treatment. Specialized services include active rehabilitation, sports medicine, sports therapy, shockwave therapy, acupuncture, dry needling (IMS), concussion services, as well as vestibular therapy (for dizziness and vertigo).  Back in Motion provides a range of services through telehealth or a combination of virtual and in-person sessions. We also provide employment services to assist jobseekers to prepare for, find, and maintain meaningful employment.

Our dedicated and professional staff collaborate with individuals to inspire meaningful change through accessible health and worklife solutions. Back in Motion serves over 23,000 people annually, at 10 convenient locations across Metro Vancouver.

Health Services

Working with individuals, health authorities, insurance companies, WorkSafeBC, and government ministries, our team of experienced professionals provide evidence-based treatment and collaborative, flexible solutions.

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WorkSafeBC Services

Back in Motion is part of the WorkSafeBC provider network. BiM has provided rehabilitation services to injured workers unable to work, assisting them to improve their lives and return to work. Click below to learn more about our programs & services.

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Employment Services

Back in Motion Employment provides industry-leading, professional employment solutions, to assist people in overcoming barriers and reaching their full employment potential.Click below to learn more about our programs & services.

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Our Brands

Back in Motion delivers a range of services, which all relate to our purpose: Helping people live better, healthier lives. Whether helping a retired man with rotator cuff tendonitis to return to his Thursday night tennis league, a skilled immigrant to become licensed as a Physical Therapist in Canada, or a paramedic with PTSD to return to work, Back in Motion’s services link to our purpose.

Here is a list of our brands:


Employment Services

Our People

Our people are our excellence. Back in Motion is dedicated to attracting and retaining professionals who are experts in their field, to allow us to deliver exceptional service.

Each person on our team plays a unique and critical role in the ongoing success of our organization. We employ a large and diverse group of professionals, with expertise in areas such as Health and Rehabilitation, Employment, Information Technology, Administration, Marketing, Human Resources, Business Development, Finance and more.

People First Approach

Our creative, loyal, and expert staff are the backbone of Back in Motion. We are committed to providing a fun and collaborative work environment where people are supported with the tools and training they need to work effectively with clients and customers. We support ongoing learning, through structured mentorship and training, leadership from the quality improvement team, and educational opportunities. We make sure that staff are able to grow and flourish in our dynamic workplace, and gain experience providing services that ignite their passion. 

“The organization is commended for its comprehensive onboarding and mentorship program for new staff members. New staff members report feeling well supported and appreciate that their mentors remain available even beyond the onboarding period (2022 CARF Survey Report).”

“The organization is recognized for investing in its staff members so they feel supported and confident to seek promotion when positions become available, which ensures the longevity of the organization’s most valuable resources (2022 CARF Survey Report).”

Culture, Diversity & Inclusion

Back in Motion is committed to an environment of diversity and inclusion across the key elements of abilities, culture, ethnicity, age, socioeconomic status, communication and language, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital/parental status, and religious/spiritual beliefs. We believe in equal opportunities for everyone to engage in meaningful work. Our staff recruitment practices are tailored to reflect the diversity of the communities we serve, to promote inclusion and enhance service delivery. We further support inclusion by engaging with supplier organizations who share our values. Our Director of Corporate Resources ensures that our purchasing and procurement processes and supply chains support individuals from equity seeking groups.

We are a hardworking, fun group of individuals. We have been recognized as a diverse workplace with strong support networks and great people. We encourage mistakes in the pursuit of excellence, and value everybody’s uniqueness.

Our team is ethnically diverse, and includes multilingual professionals from around the world, offering services in: Punjabi, Hindi, Mandarin, Arabic, Cantonese, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Tagalog, Farsi and more.

Awards and Accolades

Employee Recommended Workplace Award 2018 and 2019

Back in Motion received an Employee Recommended Workplace Award, a joint venture between The Globe and Mail and Morneau Shepell.   Employees were asked to evaluate four areas of their life to compile a picture of their “Total Health”, including (1) Physical (biometric, medical and behavioural factors); (2) Mental (anxiety, depression, burnout and coping skills); (3) Work (engagement, productivity, safety and lost time risk); and (4) Life (financial security, relationships and work-life blending).  Employees who completed the survey received an individualized report outlining current status and specific steps for improvement.  Back in Motion received an aggregate report on the organization’s overall health, and obtained a score that reflects a healthy workplace where employees are thriving.  Areas of strength were highlighted, such as low tobacco and pain medication use, workplace diversity, respect, and strong support networks.  The Survey provided an opportunity to foster shared accountability for improving health, engagement and productivity.

UnTapped WorkPlace Inclusion Awards 2018

Back in Motion won the Diversity and Inclusion Culture Champion Award in the Medium-Sized Business Category.  The UnTapped Workplace Inclusion Awards is the largest awards program in British Columbia recognizing the outstanding achievements of provincial employers and individuals who lead diversity and inclusion in the workplace.  The award recognizes diversity and inclusion in relation to leadership, including hiring and engagement practices, communication, decision making, team building and strategic thinking; impact on the world of work; and innovation.

Psychologically Healthy Workplace Honors 2018

Back in Motion is a winner of the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Psychologically Healthy Workplace Honors.  The designation recognizes organizations from across the United States and Canada that have created work environments where employees and business thrive.  In the multi-step application process, employers provide details about their healthy workplace practices, employees complete questionnaires, and psychologists appointed by the APA conducts site visits with the organizations’ leaders and employees.  “The employers receiving this honor have demonstrated a commitment to programs and policies that take people and performance into consideration,” said David W. Ballard, PsyD, MBA, head of APA’s Center for Organizational Excellence. “The leaders of these organizations know that building a positive and successful workplace takes both well-designed practices based on good evidence and a supportive environment. The range of sizes and diversity of industries recognized show that any workplace has the potential to be a psychologically healthy one.”

Surrey Board of Trade Business Excellence Award Finalist 2017

Back in Motion was one of three finalists in the Large Employer category.  Eligibility includes established business with at least 41 full-time equivalent employees, premises located in Surrey, and having a current Surrey business license.  Submission content was based on company information in the following areas: Business Profile, Leadership, Strategy Development & Planning, Customer Focus & Market Knowledge, Employee Learning & People Focus, Business Management, and Supplier/Partner Focus.

Psychologically Healthy Workplace 2009 and 2017

Back in Motion is the winner of the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award in the category of small (less than 100 employees) for-profit company.  The Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award has competitions in 56 jurisdictions across North America.  Started by the American Psychological Association, the award’s mission is to help inform businesses and other organizations how to create and sustain psychologically healthy workplaces, and to publically recognize companies and agencies exemplifying psychologically healthy practices.  Applicants are evaluated on their efforts in the following five areas: Employee Involvement, Work-Life Balance, Employee Growth and Development, Health and Safety, and Employee Recognition.

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Back in Motion offers rewarding careers in a culture of collaboration and excellence.

We are a diverse group of professionals with a clear purpose and vision, working in an inclusive environment that recognizes and values the expertise of all team members. We deliver individualized services and programs based on best practices, innovation, and mutual respect.

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