Printing_Instructions (Connect your laptop via cable to a printer and print from a flash drive)


Q: Are we using electronic signatures?
A: No, please write “typed and reviewed”, or just list the clinician name and credentials.

Q: GRTW plans can be faxed to employers?
A: Yes, please fax directly from your fax/printer machine to employer fax number.

Q: What do I do when I complete my report?
A: Save it on the completed folder of your Location folder. Once the report is completed, please send a text to the Central Admin group (isntructions on the Guidelines document uploaded on top of this page), noting that the report is ready. Please use the same naming convention as per Step 8 above. For example, OR2_Richmond_John_D_Progress is ready.

Q: How do we send reports to Doctors?
A: These reports needs to be sent via tracument.