Code of Ethical Conduct


  1. All staff members shall maintain professional and ethical conduct in their interactions with each other, clients, customers and other professionals with whom they come into contact on a day-to-day basis.
  2. Health care professionals and support staff at Back in Motion comply with general standards relevant to their practice in the programs to ensure competent and professional care of clients (see 6 Standards of Performance and Equality on the intranet).
  3. Professional staff members comply with all professional and ethical standards as laid out by the appropriate college, professional association, and regulatory body. Please direct any discrepancy between this Code and that of a professional association to the Board of Directors.
  4. Clients have specific rights, including input into treatment decisions affecting them, and practices that protect their dignity, safety and respect (see 1 and 8.2 Rights and Responsibilities).
  5. All staff members shall ensure that the rights of the client are protected and promoted, and that an environment exists that empowers persons served. Clients may file a grievance or appeal any decision (see 4 and 8.3 Problem Resolution Process).


  1. Staff maintain competencies in all areas of practice, and utilize training, supervision, consultation, and mentorship as required to maintain high levels of service delivery (see 7 Core Competencies).
  2. Back in Motion promotes best practices, and implements evidence-based treatments.
  3. Back in Motion provides disability management, rehabilitation and employment services founded upon a solid research base. Staff and management keep abreast of the literature, and share information.
  4. Back in Motion strives to be the best, and continually evaluates effectiveness of services in order to improve them. Company representatives accept responsibility for their actions, and do whatever it takes in order to achieve excellence.


  1. Back in Motion avoids potential conflicts of interest, unethical business practices, and deceptive marketing strategies, and rectifies any such situations that come to attention of the Board of Directors.
  2. To preserve the image and integrity of both staff and the company, business gifts other than items of a very small intrinsic value are not accepted.
  3. Recipients of hospitality do not accept gestures that might be deemed by others to influence business decisions.
  4. Staff and management do not provide misleading or inaccurate information about service effectiveness.
  5. In preparing income tax and financial statements, Back in Motion Rehab hires an independent accountant who adheres to standard accounting principles, is registered in the Province of BC, and is committed to following ethical accounting principles outlined in professional ethical codes.
  6. Staff and management who offer good faith information regarding deceptive or misleading business and marketing practices are safeguarded from sanctions or discipline.


  1. Back in Motion Rehab hires and promotes people on merit, and does not show preferential treatment on the basis of personal or professional connections.
  2. Staff members are provided with orientation and training, which varies depending upon experience, qualifications, and job duties. It is the joint responsibility of management and staff to ensure adequate orientation and training.
  3. No staff member is discriminated on the basis of race, colour, ethnicity, creed, national or social origin, religion, age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, disabilities or special needs (see 6 Standards of Performance and Equality).
  4. All employees have the responsibility to protect Back in Motion’s proprietary information, and not disclose personal client information to any unauthorized individual or organization. Back in Motion also safeguards personal information of its employees.
  5. Back in Motion fosters a mutual relationship of respect and integrity with its employees.
  6. In the evaluation process, staff members are treated fairly. Information provided is objective, and based upon performance rather than unsubstantiated opinions or impressions.
  7. Performance issues are dealt with in an open and transparent manner; employees have the opportunity to participate fully in the process, and provide their point of view in all matters involving them.