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Hiring People With Disabilities

Back in Motion Warehousing Program

A unique opportunity for individuals with disabilities, who are interested in working in warehousing.
Get an in-depth view of potential job tasks in a live simulated warehouse environment.

Back in Motion will work closely with Referring Agencies

Providing the following services:

  • Recruit individuals with disabilities, who express an interest in warehousing roles
  • Complete an initial screen to determine suitability
  • Perform Work Simulation Assessments, consisting of a real-world timed simulation exercise in Back in Motion’s warehouse (simulating job requirements including scanning, sorting and picking packages of various sizes)
  • Assist individuals with the employer’s application process, and prepare them for an interview
  • If successful in gaining employment, Back in Motion will provide varied levels of support through Job Coaching and provide follow-up feedback
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Information Session

Join us for an information session about this program to support individuals with disabilities, who have an interest to work in warehousing.
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Work Simulation Options (Phase 1)


  • A four hour assessment with a full comprehensive report
  • Simulate potential job hazards that could be expected on the job specific to the employer and best prepare individuals
  • Assess strength and physical capacity
  • Simulation of job tasks in timed exercises
  • Determines suitability and sustainability for the job leading to a stronger job match

Comprehensive Warehouse Training

  • Includes 3 sessions
  • Overview of warehousing, safety training, work simulation and 2 job training sessions
  • Additional recommendations throughout sessions to improve participant’s skillset
  • Opportunity for participant to further practice and gain a better understanding of job tasks
  • Evaluation and support in different learning styles throughout assessment
  • Providing more opportunity for stronger job matching

Post Work Simulation (Phase 2)

  • Explore employment opportunities for participant should they pass the work simulation assessment
  • On obtaining employment, job coaching and follow up will be supported


  • Person with a Disability
  • Express interest in Warehousing Work
  • Ability to lift 25lbs repeatedly and 49lbs occasionally
  • Physically fit
  • Sort, scan and place packages onto pallets and shelves
  • Standing tolerance for a full shift
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How to Refer Clients

If you have PWD clients that have an inclination to work in the warehouse industry, or if you are interested in learning more about our program, email: warehousing.program@backinmotion.com or call Alissa Villanueva @ 604-363-5428

If you are an employer, visit our Warehousing Program Employer webpage

Community Workshops

Resume Writing (IN-PERSON)

Learn key tips around building your resume including what is the purpose of a resume, the Do’s and Don’ts, and general resume tips. By the end of this workshop you should be able to identify and apply some techniques to a more articulate resume.

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What Clients are saying about us…

“Great training for individuals who need job training or want to get familiar with warehouse roles”

testimonial 1, Client

“I would recommend this orientation as it shows job seekers attention to detail, concentration, memory and motor skills”

testimonial 2, Client

Amazon Experience

My name is Shawn and I am from Richmond, BC.  I went to school in St Joseph the Worker and Hugh Boyd Secondary.  After Grade 12, I attended the APPD program at KPU.

Just before graduation, Pat Foreman of KPU passed on Alissa’s contact details at Back in Motion.  I met Alissa and Raj who both assessed me and brought me to Amazon for an interview.

I was accepted and trained at the Amazon Fulfillment Centre at the Delta.   Alissa and Raj coached me every day at Amazon ensuring that I learn every step of the picking process at the warehouse, from the use of the handheld scanner to pick items for the customers of Amazon.  They helped me for over 3 months making sure that I could do the Amazon job well.

It has been one year since I started working in Amazon, it is an amazing job and I have made friends there.  I enjoy the work a lot although it can be very tiring.  But customers are happy because we pick and prepare the products that they like and want. Amazon is a fun and great company to work for. Lots of great co-workers and managers too.

Thank you very much to the Alissa, Raj for their patience working with me and helping me become successful.  Thank you to Back in Motion including Bernd for giving me this great opportunity.  Back in Motion is simply a great organization.

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