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Bayshore Physical Therapy is committed to providing exceptional physical therapy care to the Owen Sound community.

About Bayshore Physical Therapy

Bayshore Physical Therapy aims to be your premier healthcare provider for rehabilitation. Whether you’ve experienced a sports injury, workplace incident, or car accident, our team is prepared to assist you with our comprehensive services.

Available Services

Physical Therapy Services

Bayshore is comprised of a group of physiotherapists employing diverse treatment approaches to aid in the recovery of movement and function for individuals impacted by injury, illness, or disability.

Registered Massage Therapy Services

Massage Therapy is an effective method for reducing pain, enhancing mobility, and aiding in injury recovery. It also helps promote better sleep and overall well-being through its therapeutic techniques and touch.

Pelvic Floor Therapy

Frequently overlooked, the pelvic floor muscles play a crucial role in supporting pelvic organs and maintaining bladder and bowel control. Pelvic floor therapy addresses concerns such as urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, and sexual dysfunction utilizing exercises, manual techniques, and educational interventions.

Concussion Management & Baseline Testing

Bayshore Physical Therapy excels in diagnosing, managing, and rehabilitating various conditions. Our approach integrates cutting-edge concussion research, utilizing a comprehensive, multi-modal strategy to deliver optimal care.

Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

Bayshore Physical Therapy offers breast cancer rehabilitation focused on enhancing and maximizing function. This comprehensive approach includes initial assessments to evaluate factors such as range of motion, strength, limb volume, pain levels, and functional capabilities, guiding the development of tailored treatment strategies for optimal outcomes.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

The vestibular system is essential for maintaining balance, stability, and spatial orientation. Various factors such as head injuries, viral infections, aging, genetic predispositions, or environmental influences can contribute to vestibular dysfunction, resulting in disorders that impact balance and spatial awareness.

Custom Orthotics, Chiropody & Pedorthics

Bayshore Physical Therapy offers personalized orthotics, including custom knee bracing from top brands, to patients and athletes in Owen Sound.

Equipment/ Custom & Non-Custom Bracing

Bayshore Physical Therapy provides a variety of equipment and bracing options, including both custom and non-custom choices.

Sports Event Coverage

For over two decades, Bayshore Physical Therapy has been dedicated to serving and empowering elite athletes in the Owen Sound area. Our experienced team provides physical therapy and massage therapy services, actively participating in various community sporting events.

Assessment & Corporate Services

The foundation of effective work injury and illness management lies in assessment. Without this foundation, understanding your company’s and employees’ needs becomes challenging, hindering the development of a structured health management plan. Furthermore, data collection facilitates future cost and benefit analyses of injury/illness management initiatives.

Patient/ Worker Education

At Bayshore Physical Therapy, we prioritize the patient’s rehabilitation journey. Our comprehensive education program, seamlessly integrated into the work injury management program, empowers you to drive your recovery forward. We offer both group and individual education sessions to support your progress every step of the way.


Paul Osadzuk

PT, B.Sc., MCPA Owner/Physical Therapist

Paul Osadzuk PT, B.Sc., MCPA | Owner/Physical Therapist

Meet Paul

Paul Osadzuk, originally from Owen Sound near Big Bay, attended Hillcrest and West Hill schools. He pursued Human Kinetics at the University of Guelph and later studied at the University of Toronto to become a Physical Therapist. In 1998, he established Bayshore Physical Therapy, expanding his team to address community rehabilitation needs. Specializing in the management of chronic diseases such as Diabetes and Osteoporosis, Paul collaborates with local health teams, contributes to research projects, and serves on the Primary Care Advisory Committee to the Ontario Physiotherapy Association Board of Directors. Additionally, he is a Master Trainer for the Group Lifestyle BalanceTM Program, contributing to diabetes prevention efforts.

Austin Collett RMT, BHK (Hons) | Registered Massage Therapist

Meet Austin

Austin, from London, Ontario, completed a rigorous four-year program at the University of Windsor, earning an Honours Bachelor of Human Kinetics with a focus on movement science. Driven by a passion for understanding human anatomy and biomechanics, he excelled in an advanced diploma program in massage therapy at Fanshawe College, earning top honors in his class. Throughout his training, he gained invaluable experience at various multidisciplinary clinics in London, collaborating closely with respected physiotherapists and chiropractors. Austin adopts a personalized approach tailored to each client’s unique needs and goals. Whether facilitating joint mobilizations to improve range of motion or employing trigger point therapy to relieve muscle tension, he utilizes efficient and evidence-based techniques to aid clients in returning to their preferred activities.

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