Occupational Trauma Program (OTP)

Our Occupational Trauma Program (OTP) provides interdisciplinary therapy for workers who have been diagnosed with work-related Trauma and Stressor Related Disorders including Posttraumatic Stress disorder and Acute Stress Disorder.  Our customized interventions include an interdisciplinary program where injured workers are provided with frequent individualized Psychology and Occupational Therapy sessions in the clinic and community.  Clients may also work with a Kinesiologist for behavioural activation and participate in facilitated psychology groups. Where appropriate, the program Psychologist and Occupational Therapist continue to support Clients though a structured gradual return to work plan to facilitate a safe, lasting return to work.

This service is offered in Abbotsford and Surrey-Newton.

For more information refer to the OTP Frequently Asked Questions or email us at

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Locations: Abbotsford and Surrey-Newton