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best practice methods

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Health Centres

Legacies Health Centres provide integrated health and wellness services including massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, naturopathic, and physical therapy interventions. Known for having “all therapies under one roof,” Legacies offers the highest level of service at a guaranteed lowest cost, to connect people with the support they need to help them get better, faster.

Acquired in the fall of 2017, Legacies Health Centres add naturopathic medicine, weight loss,
and chiropractic care to Back in Motion’s service scope through accessible, affordable care and free consultations offered directly to consumers. The Legacies brand is positioned to expand service delivery throughout BC and Alberta, as a subsidiary to Back in Motion, working together to grow this unique model of integrated care.

Operated by an experienced team of healthcare professionals, licensed through the Ministry of Health and regulated by each practitioner’s governing college, our exceptionally high standards make Legacies Health Centres the number one choice for referring physicians. We are proud to serve a large community within Metro Vancouver from our four locations: Nordel and Southpoint in Surrey, Burnaby and North Vancouver. For more information visit Legacies Health Centre.

Massage Therapy

Legacies Health Centres have a team of 14 Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs), many of whom are renowned in the industry as either instructors or lead sports massage therapists with a variety of high-level sports. Each practitioner is licensed through the Ministry of Health, and registered with the BC College of Massage Therapists.


Legacies Health Centres offer professional acupuncture services for patients experiencing persistent pain, providing an effective form of treatment where other forms of therapy have failed. Our highly qualified therapists are registered healthcare professionals, allowing services to be covered as a medical expense with most extended medical plans and insurances.


Legacies Health Centres offer simple, non-aggressive methods of chiropractic care, provided by highly-trained and experienced doctors who use a variety of techniques to alleviate many types of pain and joint-related problems. A recipient of the Surrey Now Reader’s Choice Award for “Best Chiropractic,” the Legacies team is the top choice for chiropractic treatments of many elite performers, such as Guns N’ Roses and BC Lions.


At Legacies Health Centres,our naturopathic doctors employ individualized therapies to ensure an evidence-based, integrated approach to healing. Embracing a team approach to health and wellness, our naturopaths work with family doctors and other healthcare professionals, to deliver patients the best possible treatment. We emphasize prevention, treatment, and the promotion of optimal health, through the use of natural therapeutic methods and modalities.


Legacies Health Centres offer Kinesiology exercise therapy provided by our licensed and experienced kinesiologists, who have practiced in the communities of Surrey and Delta for many years. Their expertise encompasses sport-specific strength and conditioning programs (sports kinesiology), personal fitness programs, and a primary focus on ICBC post-motor-vehicle-accident (post-MVA) rehabilitation.

Physical Therapies

At Legacies Health Centres, we offer various Physical Therapy interventions to help individuals improve movement, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent future disability or loss of mobility. Services provided include non-invasive shockwave, cold laser, and various sports therapies to treat a wide range of chronic pain or injury symptoms.