Episode 12 – Health First with Luke DePron

February 24th, 2021

Luke DePron is a Men’s Health & Performance Coach, and graduate of Exercise Science, Kinesiology. Luke has done everything from personal training 100s of clients, to working alongside Dr.’s of Chiropractic as a corrective exercise specialist, training Olympic level athletes, to performance work with world champion mixed martial arts fighters.

Currently he works as a Men’s Online Health and Performance Coach where he helps men step into a lifestyle approach of exercise and nutrition to transform their physique, energy, and confidence.

As the Host of the Live Great Lifestyle podcast he’s interviewed former Navy Seals, Mixed Martial Arts world champions, New York Times best-selling authors, personal development speakers, Olympic athletes, adventure athletes, Doctors, Nutrition experts, and inspirational leaders carving unique paths in the world to inspire and empower you to level up your health, fitness, mindset, and lifestyle.

A believer that stepping out of your comfort zone leads to growth, Luke routinely practices Jiu-Jitsu, was a participant on the History Channels show The Selection: a mock special forces selection process lead by Navy Seals, was a contributing writer for Huffington post, hosted the La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival, has performed as an actor in local San Diego films, and even embarrassingly worked as a runway model once.

In this episode, Luke and Joel discuss:

  • Luke’s background, how he got into exercise training and men’s work, and his “health first” approach to fitness
  • The importance of recognizing both internal and external motivators to engaging in healthy behaviours
  • Luke’s experience training as a Navy SEAL on a reality TV show
  • The positive benefits of working with people on a virtual basis as compared to in-person training
  • How overcoming obstacles and stepping outside of your comfort zone can help shape your lifestyle, behaviours, attitudes, and confidence

For more information on Luke, to connect with him, or to listen to his podcast visit his website at www.livegreatlifestyle.com

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