Episode 13 – Concussion Recovery with Dr. Noah Silverberg

March 11th, 2021

Dr. Noah Silverberg is a board-certified neuropsychologist, with 12 years of clinical experience caring for patients with concussion in civilian, sport, and military settings. He recently transitioned into a full-time academic position in the Department of Psychology at the University of British Columbia. His research program focuses on psychological aspects of concussion, including prognostic factors, behavioural and mental health treatments, and knowledge translation. He has contributed to multiple clinical practice guidelines as an expert panel member and serves as Chair of the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine Task Force on mild TBI, as Associate Editor of Frontiers of Neurology (Neurorehabilitation section), on the Scientific Advisory Committee of Brain Injury Canada, as a Steering Group Member on the James Lind Alliance Concussion Research Priority Setting Partnership.

In Episode 13, Noah and Joel discuss:

  • What concussions are, and how they occur
  • How concussion management and treatment has changed over the years
  • What factors might worsen concussion symptoms
  • How long concussion symptoms are expected to last
  • New and upcoming concussion research projects
  • Advice for individuals who have recently sustained a concussion

For more information on Dr. Silverberg, including his research publications, visit his page on the University of British Columbia’s website at https://psych.ubc.ca/profile/noah-silverberg/

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