Episode 14 – The Breakfast Club of Canada with Ben Neumer

April 14th, 2021

Ben Neumer is a fundraising advisor for the Breakfast Club of Canada. Ben has worked in corporate development for Breakfast Club the past 8 years, and has travelled to many areas of Canada seeing child poverty and under-resourced communities firsthand. Ben works with many likeminded individuals and corporations who believe there is no room for child at school. He has raised millions of dollars in an effort to reach Canadian’s most vulnerable.

In Episode 15, Ben and Joel Discuss:

  • How the Breakfast Club of Canada originated
  • The issues of poverty and child hunger across Canada
  • How 250,000 children are served breakfast each day through the Breakfast Club, and how they benefit from it
  • The importance of healthy eating and how it fosters learning and development
  • How Canadians can help eradicate child hunger across Canada

For more information on the Breakfast Club, including how you can help support the cause visit:

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