Episode 15 – Finding Peace & Prosperity with Laura Burns

May 19th, 2021

Laura Burns, The Flexible Life Coach, is a recovering creative person who lost trust in her body, and then her mind, when she was injured in two motor vehicle incidents over a decade ago. Finding peace within her mind, and then her body, she now helps others do the same to achieve their natural state. Part of her recovery includes creating a podcast show called “Secrets Your Mentor Never Told You.” She shares secrets and discoveries about wellbeing that are connected to personal life events and she invites guests to do the same.

In Episode 15, Laura and Joel discuss:

  • Laura’s story of her injuries, and how she was forced to leave law enforcement and transition into the world of coaching
  • How Laura’s background as a Canadian Border Services Agent influenced her ability to communicate as a coach
  • How a shift in mindset helps to foster an increase in function, positivity, optimism, and resilience
  • Stretching, and how it has eliminated the pain that Laura has suffered from
  • How Laura has managed to marry her two passions, coaching and stretching, in order to foster physical and personal growth for her clients

For more information on Laura, and to connect with, visit her website at www.flexiblelifecoach.com or email her directly at info@flexiblelifecoach.com. Her podcast can be found on her website, and is also available on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Podcasts, and a variety of other platforms.

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