Episode 9 – Ultra Running and Daily Life with Ellie Greenwood

December 16th, 2020

Ellie Greenwood is a long distance road and trail runner, and online running coach, based in North Vancouver, BC.  Ellie ran her first marathon in 2002 and since then has run more than 80 marathons and ultras, winning 51 of them.  Her career highlights include two wins and a course record at Western States 100 miler, two time World 100k champion and a win at South Africa’s Comrades marathon.  In 2020 Ellie was awarded ‘Ultrarunner of the Decade’ by Ultrarunning Magazine.  When not running herself, Ellie coaches runners of all abilities – primarily for ultra-distance events worldwide – through Sharman Ultra Coaching.

In this Episode, Ellie and I discuss:

  • Her motivation behind entering the world of ultra-running, and how she stays focused and committed to training for ultra-distances
  • The discipline and motivation that it takes to run ultra-marathons, and how such positive attributes are transferrable to other aspects of life
  • The stress reduction and positive emotion benefits of engaging in endurance activities for sustained periods of time
  • Her experiences with injury in recent years, and how this has affected her ability to run long distances and has resulted in her having to shift her goals and outlook

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