Early intervention for Injured Construction Workers: a partnership of the BC Construction Safety Alliance and Back in Motion.

The BC Construction Safety Alliance (BCCSA) has partnered with Back in Motion to deliver ConstructionCare. This service addresses the need for early intervention for Injured Construction Workers, including same-day Physiotherapy Assessments, next-day Physician Assessments (with diagnostic testing as needed), and stay at work / return to work coordination.

The goal is to minimize the personal and financial costs often seen with delayed assessments, investigations, and treatment following a workplace injury.

Are you Eligible for ConstructionCare?

  • Any employers in Sector 72 – Construction and Aggregate/Ready-Mixed Classification Units can participate.

  • Project provides services for simple work-related musculoskeletal injuries, including sprains/strains of muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

What is included in ConstructionCare?

  • Experienced Kinesiologist as single point of contact for all Construction Employers
  • Orientation and training on simple processes to get you started
  • One easy call to schedule a same-day Physiotherapy Assessment for Injured Workers
  • Next-day Physician Assessment and diagnostic imaging, if required
  • Supports to quickly and safely get your Injured Workers back on the job
  • Injury prevention training tailored to your worksite

Expected Benefits of ConstructionCare

  • Two weeks or less of time loss for Injured Workers

  • More complete recovery, resulting in a lasting return to work

  • High Worker and Employer satisfaction with services

Contact Us

Employer Registration

If you are a Construction Employer looking for ways to reduce time loss following workplace injuries, contact us to get started:

Phone: 604-512-3940


Appointments Booking

If you are an Employer already registered with ConstructionCare, contact us to book appointments for Injured Workers:

Phone: 778-729-1300


Info Session

Join us for an online Information Session about ConstructionCare. Learn how the services will support Employers to minimize time loss for Injured Workers.

ConstructionCare Locations

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This Project is a partnership of the BC Construction Safety Alliance and Back in Motion.