Integrated Care Program

A mental health program that integrates physical reconditioning and behavioural activation (exclusive to Canada Life customers).

About Integrated Care Program

Back in Motion Integrated Care is a mental health program that integrates physical reconditioning and behavioural activation with both self-paced psychoeducational content and individualized psychological treatment with a program-dedicated Psychologist.

  • Program delivered through Telehealth; Activate Sessions can be incorporated in-person if preferred.
  • This Program is exclusive to Canada Life Customers

Integrated Care program includes:

  • ResilientU
  • Activate! (Assessment + up to 18 sessions)
  • Psychology (intake + 8 treatment sessions
  • Bi-weekly rounds
  • 2 team Conferences with Client (RC attendance optional)
  • Joint Progress & Discharge Reports

Integrated Care Program Benefits

  • Integrated care model is emerging as gold standard in health care 
  • Evidence-based integrated care incorporates physical and psychological interventions to provide comprehensive treatment
  • Inclusion of self-paced psychoeducational platform that was designed specifically for the LTD population allows for more efficiency of one to one service delivery
  • Program-dedicated clinicians allows for focused, efficient delivery of care
  • Team Approach – Kinesiologist and Psychologist work together exclusively, allowing for consistency in service delivery and enhanced care outcomes
  • Program developed to promote collaboration between the treatment team, client, and Rehab consultants. 
  • More points of client contact in a week scaffolds client engagement, motivation, and adherence
  • Ease of referral – One referral rather than multiple referrals

Integrated Care Program Cost

  • A detailed cost breakdown can be provided upon request
  • Only services rendered will be billed

Referral to Integrated Care Program

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Please note this program is exclusive to Canada Life Customers.

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