Immediate access to mental health services through a series of dynamic, online, psychoeducational modules.

About ResilientU

ResilientU provides immediate access to mental health services through a series of dynamic, online, psychoeducational modules. These modules focus on the foundational aspects of psychological intervention, delivered with structured support specifically designed to improve engagement.

How it works

  • ResilientU is a nine-module, interactive, psychoeducational learning experience, that clients access securely through their own personal device (i.e., computer, laptop, tablet, phone)
  • Clients are assigned to a dedicated Program Facilitator, who provides one-to-one orientation to the platform, individual goal setting, and ongoing support through weekly meetings, platform communications, and email/phone support
  • ResilientU can be started immediately upon receiving the mental health treatment referral, or after mental health treatment has started
  • Mental health clinicians integrate ResilientU content into treatment sessions; ongoing participation is encouraged concurrently with individual psychological treatment


  • Provides immediate access to mental health services
  • Increases client engagement and facilitates active client participation
  • Provides psychoeducational content in multiple formats catering to a wide variety of learning styles
  • Reinforces key principles through repetition and active learning (i.e., reflections and knowledge checks
  • On-line content is accessible to clients for 6 months, facilitating durable outcomes


Clients appropriate for RTW-focused intervention are appropriate for ResilientU

A formal mental health treatment referral is required to be eligible for ResilientU; please include “ResilientU” on referral, or contact our admin team directly


$295; billed upon completion of Module 3 (no charge if Module 3 is not completed)

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